I, Lasse Charles Mørck Nielsen, was born on a regular winters day the 10th of February 1989 in a danish coastal city by the name of Svendborg. My father and grandfather were both classical double bass players, and therefore I have always had doublebasses around the house.

In elementary school I started playing electric bass, and later also piano and guitar. At the age of 12, my friend Søren Nørregaard showed me some of his compositions, and with it: the magic of composing music. At the age of 16, enrolling in High School (Svendborg Gymnasium), I met people at the same age as me, ACTUALLY interested in jazz. Until then I had thought jazz was dull and solely for old people, but now I had found an entry point, and it didn't take long before I fell in love with jazz music and with it, the doublebass. I remember being especially fond of Bill Evans and Scott Lafaro, listening to 'Explorations' and 'Waltz for Debby' for hours on end.


After graduating from high school june 2008, my interest of music took me to Copenhagen where I started at the Frederiksberg MGK and at the same time started exploring the danish jazzscenery. That is where I first met Snorre Kirk and through him Magnus Hjorth, who by then already were very established jazzmusicians. Even though they were way way ahead of me musically speaking, they gave me the chance to play with them and join their respective bands. After two years at MGK (Musikalsk Grund Kursus), I moved to Sweden, studying the jazzprogram at Skurups Folkhögskola, before returning to Copenhagen and enrolling at the Rhytmic Music Conservatory (RMC).


Apart from music, I have always been very interested in art, culture and languages. This interest sparked the idea of living abroad for a while. Preferably, it was suppose to be somewhere far far away where I could get a different perspective on life, by living in a totally different environment. I found the perfect place for this in a mexican mountainous city by the name of Xalapa, where I could combine this very wish, with my interest for classical and latin american music. And so in the autumn of 2015 I enrolled in La Facultad de Música de la Universidad Veracruzana, studying under the principal doublebassist of the Xalapa Symphony Orchestra, Andrzej Dechnik. To begin with I was simply dumbfounded by all the strange new impressions. I had tried to pick up a survival level of spanish beforehand, but everybody conversed so rapidly that I almost didn't catch a single word. This combined with all the cultural differences (and there were many), jetlag, extraneous colors and smells, all just added to the feeling of "what the **** is going on?". Nevertheless, I slowly but gradually improved my spanish, and became more and more accustomed to everything going on around me. I ended up learning so many things not only about Mexico, but also about music, culture and people, and of course myself.

Back in Denmark

After coming back I released my debut album Imagining Places I've Never Been, which was released on the 30th of June 2017. It consist of music that draws on inspiration from the jazz tradition, different cultures and their folklore music as well as a solid amount of daydreaming. On this record I play with a chord-less quartet, consisting of Jesper Løvdal on sax and clarinet, Tobias Wiklund on cornet, Snorre Kirk on drums and myself on bass. I really like playing in this transparent setup, since it makes me have to be aware of what the essential parts of the music are (both as composer and bassplayer), and then trying to emphazise these ideas in order to make great music.

Much to my surprise, the album actually ended up winning the award as best album of the year "Jazznyt Prisen 2017", AND one of the compositions "Prairie Sunset" won me the 3rd prize as "Young Jazz Composer 2017". I was completely blown away by how well recieved this album was.

Second album as bandleader

In June 2017 I also graduated from RMC (the Rhytmic Music Conservatory in Copenhagen) with a masters degree in Music Performance. For my master project I wrote a suite based on the Aztec's creation myth called "The Fifth Sun" (or "El Quinto Sol"). Using my quartet as the basis of the band, I also included the brazilian guitarplayer, singer and composer Raphael Gimenes as well as the Cuban percussionist Yohanier Ramón in the setup.

After finishing my masters degree, for a while I concentrated on the release of my previously mentioned first record, that came out that very same summer (2017). In the beginning of 2018 I had the great fortune of once again winning a prize. After having been nominated for the final two times before (2012 and 2017), I finally managad to win the 1st prize as "Young Danish Jazz Composer 2018". The prize was given for the composition "Tezcatlipoca", which is part of the suite I had written the year before.

This made me start working on doing a proper release and release tour of the "Aztec" project. I gathered the band to record the music one more time, - this time with my good friend Henrik Holst Hansen as sound engineer. I also started collaborating with the Danish/Mexican artist "Rama King Nash" as well as the Mexican anthropologist "Max Suaza". The whole project came out in December 2018 and the whole thing can be found right here.

Mexico again 2019

Obviously I have been very inspired by my time in Mexico, and I always felt like I had so much more to learn. So, in January 2019 I decided to once again move back to Mexico. This time without knowing when I would be going back to Denmark. I was very fortunate to get a position as professor at the Music Conservatory (Centro de estudios de Jazz, Universidad Veracruzana) in Xalapa, teaching double bass, ensemble, improvisation and ear training. This has been one of the greatest times in my life getting to know all the students and amazing mexican musical talents. I learned so much from collegues and students and will forever be grateful to have had this opportunity. I also played in many different projects and got to know many great people and visit many incredible places, and I even managed to start my own private tea company, where I imported high quality tea from Taiwan and Japan, and made workshops and tastings for those interested.

Denmark 2020
After 1½ years in Mexico I decided to move back home to Denmark. Even though it's been a lot of work to move to the other side of the planet and back again, it has without doubt been worth it. So now I find myself living in Copenhagen once again, playing, composing and teaching music.

During my career, I have been very fortunate to play with absolutely fantastic musicians, meet extremely interesting people and visit places I never would have met, if it hadn’t been for music. For all this I am very grateful. To name a few musicians: Stephen Riley, Steve Turre, Snorre Kirk, Magnus Hjorth, Jan Harbeck, Tobias Wiklund, Cæcilie Norby, Ann Farholt, Jesper Thilo, Mads Mathias, Sidsel Storm, Jan Harbeck, Klas Lindqvist, Daniel Fredriksson, Karl Olandersson, Fredrik Kronkvist and many more. Places I have been touring include: Most of Europe, Japan, Taiwan, Mexico and the US.


Niclas Bardeleben - New Orleans in my Heart, Copenhagen in my Blood 2019

Tobias Wiklund - Where the Spirits Eat 2019

Sidsel Storm - Awake 2019

Lasse Mørck - The Aztec Creation Myth Suite 2018

Snorre Kirk - Beat 2018

Lasse Mørck Quartet - Imagining Places I've Never Been 2017

Snorre Kirk - Drummer & Composer 2017

Per Thornberg - Lines for Lage 2016

Snorre Kirk - Europa 2015

Magnus Hjorth Trio - Blue Interval 2014


Young Danish Jazz Composer 2018 1st prize winner for the composition Tezcatlipoca from the album The Aztec Creation Myth Suite.

Winner of the Jazznyt Prisen 2017 for the album: Imagining Places I've Never Been

Young Danish Jazz Composer 2017 3rd spot winner for the composition Prairie Sunset.

Young Danish Jazz Composer 2012 finalist for the composition Backyard Bump.

Reciever of several grands, including Beckett Fonden, Fonden af 1989 & Nordea-fonden.

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