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Ever since I moved to Mexico, I've been wanting to share my year long interest for Asian tea. This has now become a reality. You can visit my facebook page and/or my instagram page to find more information.


I am incredibly lucky that I get to work with some very talented people. Below you can find information about who some of them are.

Webdesign by Søren Nørregaard Pedersen (www.corpyright.com).

Graphic art for Imagining Places I've Never Been and the banner for this website by Asmus Helms (www.asmushelms.dk).

Artwork for The Aztec Creation Myth Suite by the great danish/mexican artist Rama King Nash.

Layout of The Aztec Creation Myth Suite by Simon Eskildsen (simoneskildsen.dk).

Press photos (2017) taken by Rikke Westesen (www.rikkewestesen.com).

Photos (2018) & video by Frank Robert Larsen (https://www.facebook.com/frlfoto).

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