When I first started studying the Aztec’s creation myth, I was very surprised to find several versions of what I thought was supposed to be only one story of how the world was created.
Their mythology is a collection of numerous stories and traditions, spanning through many subcultures and eras. This means that numerous variations of perhaps their most important myth: how the world came to be, have survived to this day.

The complexity of the surviving stories made me question whether I would be able to do this all by myself, so I contacted the Mexican anthropologist Max Suaza. Fortunately, he agreed to help me with the comprehension of Aztec culture and the rephrasing of the myth.

I’ve tried my best to make it brief and to the point, which means it provides merely a glimpse of the very complex and rich cultural history of the Aztecs. I believe we can learn to understand ourselves and our own culture much better by being really curious about and try to comprehend other human beings, across different places and times. The perspective attained this way, will make it easier to live in this - and according to the Aztecs, the fifth - world. Lasse Mørck

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